5 yellow floating balls in a fishing net

Fishing is done underwater with nets. Sometimes you can see those nets on the quay of a harbor. And in this case it was Lauwersoog.

Looking upward

Looking upward in a church in Goes

The outside en inside of old churches are often impressive. Making an impression on the visitors was often a purpose of this. I can enjoy visiting these locations and embrace the atmosphere. Almost always I looked at the walls, the windows and everything else that can be seen while looking horizontally. It wasn’t until a […]

Lichen in Norway

Green lichen on a rock in Norway

Norway has is vast and barren landscapes. It’s really special to be there and enjoy these landscapes. On a smaller scale there is also a lot to enjoy. Rocks have usually lichen grown onto. And they form nice patterns and colors.


Cactus species seen from top with white thorns and buds

In my youth, in the seventies, we had a small greenhouse in our garden. Together with my brother we grew cactuses in it. We were fascinated by the sturdy forms and magnificent flowers. The cactuses in the greenhouse went away, but the interest in cactuses stayed. This summer we had the opportunity to visit the […]


Alleen op de wereld - verlaten pop voor een kringloopwinkel

De werkelijkheid is meer bizar dan we kunnen bedenken. En dat valt me bij het fotograferen vaak op.


Zonsondergang op het strand van Renesse

Een cliché is meestal niet positief bedoeld, maar ze spreken ons toch ook wel weer aan. Dat geldt in het bijzonder voor een zonsondergang.